DJ tips and help for brides and grooms

My professional DJ suggestions, advice and help for the bride and groom, to help you organize your party :


  • Think of the candles on the tables, with the LED ambient projector options, the light will be magical.
    Your DJ can also subdue the atmosphere of your marquee with the variation option for chandeliers or garlands.
    Indeed, the level of light in the rooms is often too high. These 2 options allow you to adjust it, personalize it and bring intimacy during dinner thanks to a cozy atmosphere.
  • Delegate various little things to do to your relatives and witnesses, indeed you will not be able to manage everything !
    Moreover, they will be happy and proud to participate actively. (Room opening, decoration, rules of your service providers, instructions…)
  • Designate a referent for communication with the caterer, the DJ and your various service providers, (often a witness) he will take care of making the links. This person will also be responsible for gathering any technical requests, microphones & special music from loved ones (surprises).
    So you can better enjoy your evening. (it goes very quickly!)
  • For your entry into the room, after the cocktail, choose rather dynamic music to take a tour of the room around the tables. This will set the tone for the evening, like this prestigious wedding. (this intro music will be used as a short jingle by your wedding DJ during speeches and surprises)


  • With your witnesses or referents, and on the advice of your DJ, make sure that the evening is rhythmic, without downtime.
    Your guests will appreciate.
    You should also know that the wedding evenings that last until dawn are those where the ball is launched before midnight !

The “plus” tips from your DJ Jour Précieux:


  • At the end of the meal, remember to have the caterer set up an open bar (or drinks buffet) right next to the dance floor, this will avoid dispersal and the evening will last longer.
    Likewise if you have a photobooth: not too far from the track either! Your DJ will thank you.
  • Let your wedding DJ installing your DJ control room close to the track creates a direct link with the guests for more feeling. Do not isolate it on a mezzanine for example.
  • Give our email [email protected] to your witnesses… They may need it for specific requests from your DJ 😉
  • It’s your wedding night, the ceremonies are over and the pressure is off so have fun !


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