Choose your prom opening music for your wedding

entrée des mariés

How to choose your prom opening music for your wedding?


It is not easy to choose your prom opening music and to agree on a music title at his wedding. The same goes for the arrival of the wedding cake, as well as that of the entrance of the bride and groom during dinner.

First of all, these choices belong only to the bride and groom because they are personal.

Indeed, it is the most beautiful day of your life and the music that highlights these moments is dear to you.
They may have a very special connotation, story or meaning for you.

They can be of different styles:
Dynamic or more solemn, rhythmic or slower, for example: romantic, instrumental, with texts, classics or more surprising like a remix or medley which can be mixed upstream by your wedding DJ.


 How to choose the right title with your DJ ?


In addition, the important thing is to listen to your desires for your wedding, which can be very pronounced or however more discreet.

For the opening of the ball, the choice of music is decisive in the dance that you will perform:
A slow for the less adventurous, a waltz for the followers of customs, a salsa for the motivated…
Everything is possible for this moment of joy and intimate sharing. Some married people follow dance classes several months in advance, while others leave room for spontaneity.

Whatever, your wedding DJ will give you lists of proven titles in different styles to help you choose from the multitude of possibilities available to you.

The advice of your DJ, Guillaume :

For the entrance of the newlyweds choose dynamic music to take a tour of the room in the middle of your guests. It will set fire to the image of this magnificent wedding on fire.
This will set the tone for the evening, and this chorus can be taken over in jingle mode by your DJ, a few seconds before the surprises and speeches, such as the theme of your wedding evening.


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