What is the cost of a wedding DJ ?



What is the cost of a DJ formula adapted to a wedding ?

On average, the DJ is the third cost item for your reception, just after the caterer and the room. 
But be careful, you shouldn’t think only of the ball, but also of speaking at the microphones, and the ambient light decoration, too often forgotten !

Jour Précieux guides you to quantify and plan your DJ budget.

There are several types of Wedding Disc Jockey, and for all budgets, but not all are created equal…

What average budget should be planned for a reliable and recommended DJ service provider?

  • Amateur DJs: Who doesn’t have a cousin, a friend who wants to have fun and calls himself a DJ and offers himself for free or almost? You risk getting your money’s worth… And your ears begging you. Especially after the fourth glass of champagne…
  • The fair “DJs”: you will find them on the famous sites of free advertisements from 400 €.
    At this price, you cannot be disappointed with the result… at the risk of ruining your wedding evening because of this “DJ”

cout DJ mariage

  • The “semi-pro” DJs: They work in a completely different sector and improvise as freelance DJs on certain weekends, with low-end equipment and recurring, non-personalized playlists. Some do not hesitate to pitch the bride and groom against a more lucrative service… Or a fishing trip with their friends! It will cost you between €500 and €950.
  • The real professional DJ companies registered in the commercial register: Those who master the subject through their experience and their know-how as high-end DJs.
    They will provide you with a formal DJ quote, a detailed questionnaire, and guide you through planning your wedding.
    Important: Check that they have civil liability insurance, a guarantee of guarantee and reliability. The DJ equipment here is top of the line.
    The cost of a professional wedding DJ varies according to the formulas and options personalized to your wedding, the number of guests and the place of the evening: From 1500 € to more than 2800 €

In conclusion: “Whoever thinks that a professional is expensive, has no idea what an incompetent can cost him.”


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