What is a Wedding Music Blacklist ?

liste noir de musiques

What is a blacklist of music at a wedding ?


A blacklist or in French blacklist lists all the prohibited titles, artists and styles of music. These are the ones you don’t want to hear at your wedding dance party. These titles will not be played by your wedding DJ.

Indeed, music, like tastes and colors, is subjective. It does not evoke the same things for all its listeners: good or bad memories, reference to a community, a situation where a specific atmosphere…

First of all, it is very important for a wedding DJ to respect the codes and to be in adequacy with the standing of its customers.

However, it is not a question of restricting to a minimum the musical genres to be broadcast by your DJ at your party. Conversely, simply to please yourself, while avoiding unpleasant surprises.


How important is the music blacklist at a wedding ?

Imagine : You hate Kendji Girac to the highest point and the DJ, not knowing it, broadcasts “Andalouse” during the dance party… And you stop in your tracks on the track.
Indeed, in the flood of information and things to think about, it did not occur to you to specify this “allergy” during the interview with your wedding disc jockey.

You now understand the interest of a blacklist and such a census of prohibited music for your wedding!

Also your wedding DJ service provider will naturally have to moderate the musical requests of your guests with diplomacy. Unfortunately not all of them are acceptable… blacklist or not. Indeed, at this moment, they do not imagine the work that has been done by the DJ. Nor the indications provided by the bride and groom concerning the music to play (or not) during your wedding.

This important and relevant data will allow your DJ not to disappoint you. He will be able to contribute to the success of your marriage by respecting your desires and selections of non grata.

The reverse is also valid. Like the blacklist, your favorite music list will be welcomed by your DJ with great pleasure. It will contribute to the success of your dance party, for your greatest happiness and that of your guests at your wedding.

Don’t worry, at Jour Précieux , we have planned these two points (blacklist & favorites). You will find them in our interactive questionnaire, it will be the first tool of your Parisian DJ during your wedding.

So relax 😎🍹

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