Your wedding DJ in Paris got vaccinated

DJ vacciné à Paris

Guillaume, your wedding DJ in Paris has been vaccinated against COVID19 in order to guarantee you secure services.

Indeed at this time when we are just beginning to see a way out of the health crisis, it is important that everyone gets vaccinated as soon as possible.
The interest being, in addition to not being sick with Covid 19,
To be able to celebrate the most beautiful moments of your life as it should be.

What would a wedding be without a dance party ?

It is up to each of us to avoid a new confinement, which would cost us all dearly, morally, physically and financially…

Weddings from June 8 to 30 can be held under conditions:

-Outdoor dance evenings (the tents are considered outdoor)
-Gauge at 65%
-Curfew at 11 p.m.
– Mandatory barrier gestures: Masks, gel, physical distance, ventilation of the premises, disinfection of contact points.

June 30 will mark the end of its restrictions: end of curfew, end of gauges, interiors and exteriors!



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