CSR event services, an ecological challenge for your DJ.

In these times of energy sobriety and rising energy costs, here are the solutions for the technical DJ, sound, light and video part of your event.

An extremely reduced carbon footprint with Jour Précieux.

What is CSR?

This buzzword is an acronym for:
If these three subjects are linked, in this article we will mainly deal with this last part relating to ecology and sustainable development.

During its technical service, Jour Précieux will ensure that everything about your event is thought out to limit the impact on the environment and the cost of electricity.

Responsible investments

This notably involves the choice of material investments such as autonomous battery-powered ambient projectors and LED moving heads with extremely low consumption. They arrive at your venue already loaded.
These COB-type LED technology lights have the advantage of greatly reducing consumption (and therefore the electricity bill) compared to the electrical equipment of twenty years ago.
For comparison, when at the time a “PAR 38” type wall decoration projector consumed at least 120 Watts, today for a luminous flux equivalent to LEDs, it only consumes 35 on average.

Sustainability for your DJ

Consumable levels, your Jour Precieux’s DJ, favors recyclable or reusable materials: Scratch instead of plastic tape (Chatterton or Barnier) to attach electrical cables, Colson (or rilsans) reusable.
Prints on paper are limited to documents strictly necessary for the smooth running of your evening. For example, the planning of the interventions written by your DJ with the help of the referent people that you will have defined in the preparation form for the evening.

At Jour Précieux, the DJs also use wireless microphones powered by rechargeable batteries instead of conventional alkaline batteries. The black topping and control panel fabrics will not be in traditional disposable brushed cotton but in “theater wing” type fabrics. They are washable and reusable. Electrical appliances and materials are obviously switched off when not in use.

Prestations DJ technique RSE

The office side is not left out: Archive emails are not stored indefinitely, but deleted after a certain period of time after the service. All this with a view to respecting the environment, as well as the GDPR which protects your personal data.
Lighting control computers and mixing consoles are set to automatically and quickly go to sleep without recent DJ use.

For the journey, your DJ professionnelwill also demonstrate eco-responsible and safe driving to get to your domain or party venue. We use recent vehicles with Crit’Air levels varying between 1 and 2 maximum, as well as a speed limit of 110 km/h on the motorway. This reduces fuel consumption and limits greenhouse gas emissions.

Common sense in events

Other things also make sense: Like naturally closing the doors after entering the room with the equipment to prevent the heat in winter or the coolness of the air conditioning in summer from escaping.

So, thanks to your High-end DJ Jour Précieux, proclaim energy sobriety and environmental respect, at least for the DJ and technical part of your Parisian event.
Global warming is the concern of all service providers, it is up to everyone, at their own level, to adopt eco-responsible actions to limit the ecological impact.

Let’s think about the legacy left to future generations!

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