How to choose your wedding DJ ?

The keys to choosing your DJ for your wedding

Sort out the different DJ offers and formulas on the net with our pro tips !

Above all, you must have a good feeling with your wedding disc jockey on the very first date.

Indeed, the human side is just as, if not more important than the quality of the material.
Your DJ service provider must be available, attentive to your needs, but still inspire your confidence thanks to their great mastery of high-end weddings.

He should not be stingy with advice, because his role is to guide you and put you at ease so that your marriage is a complete success.

Let your DJ help you prepare for what must be the best day of your life. Do not hesitate to meet him several times if necessary and trust the opinions of your DJ


The equipment of your DJ must be of recognized brands, especially with regard to the sound:
You certainly don’t want your parents’ speeches to be tarnished by feedback, saturated sound or insufficient volume…
The speakers must be in sufficient number and well distributed in the wedding dining room.
This in order not to set the level too high and not attack your guests
(Count at least one pair of speakers per hundred people)

Ambient lighting and light effects must be controllable by your wedding DJ.
Indeed, what could be more unpleasant than flashes or patterns rotating quickly during dinner or a slow ball opening ?

The Deejay must also offer you to enhance your reception room with lighting, for a cozy atmosphere.

Work organization

The wedding DJ must make you complete a detailed questionnaire in order to clearly identify your desires. He’s there for your wedding, not for a disco set! The musical program of the evening must be adjusted for a wedding: Calm melodies for your reception or cocktail, more rhythmic music for the dance party, then your DJ must play enough to ignite the track until dawn.

He must also be able to moderate the different requests for titles with diplomacy, not all of them are admissible or necessarily adapted to the moment and your personalities…

Ask your DJ the nature of his attire on D-Day. It must be related to this beautiful day: the costume is required. At Precious Day, we keep the standing that is due to you. Consult the sheet of Guillaume DJ, founder of Fluomix and Jour Précieux.

You now have several elements to your knowledge allowing you to make the right choice of DJ service provider for your wedding.

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