Jour Précieux, DJ always on top !

Jour Précieux stay on top of the DJ’s !

Continuing education also applies to Jour Précieux, which must always remain at the top of the DJ scene.

For a DJ in Paris, it is important to take advantage of this period of confinement and free time to improve professionally.
So, I decided to do the distance training intended for practicing disc jockeys “DJ Live performance” at Eanov School, thanks to “mon compte formation”.
Indeed, it is important that Jour Précieux DJ always stays on top of his mix level in Paris.

20 hours during which the famous DJ M-Rode (Vincent) showed me his DJ mix techniques, gave me his advice, in order to evolve, perfect my mixes and not rest on my skills.

On the program : Evolution of DJ equipment, Mix techniques, tonal mix, jingle making, effects, Rekordbox, Playlist building, Scratch, Pass pass, but also edition and analysis of the composition of a piece of music.

The limits and possibilities of mixing equipment (Pioneer DJ) and computer tools have been explored in depth and assessed with a critical eye of a professional DJ. Moreover, it allowed me to invest in a new controller: the DDJ 1000 from Pioneer. (A real gem)

Richly interesting exchanges and reflections between DJ music pros.

That’s teleworking the Jour Précieux way!


Thank you Vince for these moments, my motivation is always so increased.
We can now say that thanks to you Jour Précieux is still one of the top DJs in Paris!

I highly recommend this training which adapts to all levels of disc jockeys.

Ready to attack the season and put this new knowledge into practice during frenzied mixes that will set the dancefloor on fire!

A performance by M-Rode :

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