Jour Précieux present at the 2020 DJ night

entrée des mariés

Precious Day at the Night of the DJ Animators – Post Covid-19 Edition


DJs also have their own convention: for the third edition, on July 22, 2020, more than a hundred Disc-jockeys hosting events, including Guillaume from Jour Précieux, and professional night DJ partners from all over the territory, were present at the DJ night. And this in a magnificent place at the height of this event for the occasion : La Garçonniere Paris.
An evening between DJs to establish links, create networking, discover DJ technical innovations with FL Group and Pioneer DJ France.

This unique seminar, which has brought us together for 3 years now, has allowed us to see how we can limit the impact of COVID-19 on our profession as a pro DJ. Indeed, doing nothing would be the worst for us to fight this unprecedented crisis which is hitting us DJs very hard at the moment, with terrible consequences for some of our Disc-Jockey colleagues who have lost up to 90% of their Turnover!

The restaurant and nightclub sectors are also suffering a lot from this health crisis.
Your DJ Jour Précieux stands in solidarity with those who are suffering from the current situation.

Between DJs, we thought about how to overcome everything that happens to us in this context, and how to consider a recovery.
Also, see the major changes that we DJs will have to face, and what the event market will evolve towards.
A trend for streaming events is emerging against those that used to be face-to-face, which does not help us, except for a few rare DJs who are asked to mix remotely and be broadcast on internal corporate network platforms.

In short, this 2020 DJ night was a friendly moment of sharing between fellow DJs in order to prepare for the next event.


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