Mistakes to avoid when choosing a DJ

Mistakes to avoid when choosing your DJ

The DJ alone is responsible for at least 70% of the success of an event.
It is therefore an important service provider position that should not be neglected.


The timing to book a DJ

Don’t delay! Remember to book your DJ as soon as your party venue is fixed.
Indeed, without a precise address, it is impossible for the disc jockey to establish you a precise estimate including the travelling expenses.


A disc jockey why when how ?

Do you need a DJ or an animator ?
A DJ with a discreet profile?
This question is essential to determine who will be the one in charge of putting the fire on the dance floor.


The casting of your DJ

Once you have established your needs, avoid finding suitors by chance on free classified ads. The best advice is to rely on the recommendations of your friends and family.
They’ve seen a DJ at the controls and think he’ll be perfect for your Day.
You can also rely on DJ reviews on specialized websites: Mariages.net, Zankyou, 1001 DJ, Google, Facebook… they list many professionals in the sector.
At first, select the providers close to your social background and origins. Indeed, if you were born and live in France, a French DJ will surely suit you better than a DJ from a different origin. He will already know the “codes” of your guests.
There are many disc jockeys in party halls or “campings” but they will have a hard time integrating in luxurious domains. This mismatch can ruin your dance party.
Look and pay attention to the way the email or SMS exchanges are written: spelling mistakes, tone used, tutoiement, forcing… Obviously this is not exclusive but can be a clue to orient you.


The appointment with your Deejay

Ask quickly for a phone call or a video interview. You will then be able to hear your interlocutor in person and confirm (or not) your first feeling when reading him.
The way he expresses himself, the richness of the vocabulary used, the understandable technical explanations… The way he envisages his performance during your evening and the time he gives you to express yourself, without cutting you off are essential points.
As well as the relevant questions that he will ask you, all this will be determining in the choice of your disc jockey.
Do not take a DJ on the cheap, but book a real professional DJ who will be able to establish you an estimate in due form which would legally engage this provider as well as you.


Important questions to ask your DJ

Ask him what he is wearing to your event.
Is he or she coming alone or accompanied? How long does it take to set up the equipment? And to take down?
What choice does he give you in the selection of music? Does he have a questionnaire dedicated to the clients?
Does he establish a schedule of interventions?
Does he give advice on organization?
Many questions arise, but they are all essential to choose a DJ in Paris and in the provinces.

Le casting de votre dj

Choosing a qualified DJ

Compare at least three different providers.
You are buying a technical service and musical animation and not a price.
You must compare what is comparable in terms of services, rendering, equipment, conditions and schedules.
Beware of DJs who do not define an end time for the evening… “until noon, unlimited”… this is not contractually legal and can lead to different interpretations… The clearer and more detailed your contract is, the fewer surprises you will have.


The contract (or estimate) with your DJ

Check that he has a SIRET number, and a civil liability insurance as required by law.
The estimate must be written in good and due form with the obligatory mentions.
Ask him for his general conditions of service with all the clauses, especially in case of cancellation. Ask him the question of what would happen during his performance, in case of material breakdown…
What happens if they are sick on the day of the performance?
The fact of paying a deposit will reinforce the confidence you will have towards him.
You will then feel serene.


Booking a DJ

Do not wait! When you are sure of your choice, it is advised to sign the estimate and to pay the deposit quickly. Indeed, your provider has other requests and he will not wait for your answer indefinitely.
Each estimate has a validity date. Beyond that date, he can validate another service for the same date.
Indeed, there are unfortunately too many customers who find themselves in difficulties as their event or wedding approaches, due to lack of anticipation.


Avoid the most common mistakes when choosing your DJ in Paris!
We give you the keys to help you select your provider

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