Music choices for your wedding in Paris

musique mariage

Choosing the music titles played during your wedding ball is not easy. It is the role of your DJ.

Indeed, He must honor your trust, but he also needs to be guided on certain points.

After asking you a few questions about your desires, your DJ will immediately have to identify the type of evening and music you will need at your wedding, the one that will make your guests dance until dawn. Indeed, each evening is unique, it is not a question of always playing the same playlist, the personalization of your evening is one of the most important elements for the success of your wedding.

It’s about having a wedding in your image.

Refine the preparations upstream and in particular the questionnaire that your DJ will provide you. This document is for him a real gold mine of information.


For quality musical entertainment for your wedding

What kind of songs do you want to hear on the precious day of your wedding?
Rock N’Roll, disco, funk, varieties, pop?

 Conversely, what music do you especially not want at your wedding?
Maybe Zouk, oriental, metal, French 80s, hip-hop?

Fortunately, all tastes are in nature, if some love Aya Nakamura, others hate her productions.
This cannot be guessed… It is therefore important to specify to your disc jockey your blacklist of titles, artists or styles so that he doesn’t make casting errors that could make you feel uncomfortable…
The more information your maestro has, the more he is able to enliven you on the dancefloor, like this sumptuous wedding.

Also, be as broad as possible in your requests for desired musical styles. This will help to please the greatest number of people and will allow the DJ to give rhythm to the evening: From the most intense moments to the slightly calmer parts, it is necessary to vary the rhythms so as not to tire the track prematurely. For example, no one wants to spend the whole evening on a fixed BPM (beats per minute) of 120 (Fast) or even 80 (Slow enough to dance). It is important for the DJ to vary the energy of the dancefloor to keep its dancers.

Once the instructions are given, your DJ provider will know how to compose and mix the titles that will make you dance, for the success of your wedding party.

It will show creativity and sometimes can also pleasantly surprise you!


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