Do you need music at your wedding dinner ?

musique diner mariage

Do you plan to play music at your wedding meal ?


You are probably asking yourself this question : should you play music during your wedding dinner ? If yes, what style ?

We noticed this recurring question about the music of the dinner at our fiancés with our wedding DJ. Indeed the question of the musical atmosphere during the meal is quite present.
And with good reason, future spouses care about the well-being of their guests. They are often afraid of disturbing them with a “parasitic” background sound during their discussions.
Conversely, they may think that the music at the wedding dinner helps to fill the silences that can be awkward between certain guests who did not know each other before your wedding.

In both cases they are right! Your DJ gives you his recommendations.


Advice from the DJs of Jour Précieux

At Jour Précieux, we advocate moderation.

It is true that these two fears are justified and your guests deserve to be treated with respect, but also with hearing comfort. This is why our DJs will advise you on our technique :

In our opinion, if there is music at the wedding dinner, it should be low volume. It is not there to be listened to attentively, but simply to make a slight background and create a general atmosphere at the moment, (in the same way as the light). Ideally it should be without or almost no percussion, with a slow rhythm, without too many words, and with few instruments.
For example style music piano-bar style music is perfect for a cozy and classy atmosphere during the wedding meal, it will not tire your hosts. This is just a sample genre of music, your DJ will have others to offer you.

Whatever, rest assured, at Jour Précieux the DJs have something to gently wake up and entertain the audience : With the help of our “Warmup” from the cheese.
Your guests will be ripe for the opening of the ball ! 😃🕺

Communicate your doubts or concerns to your Disc-jockey. We are here to accompany you and advise you to sublimate by music, your dinner and the precious wedding evening. ✨

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