What makes a good wedding DJ ?

choisir DJ mariage

What makes a good wedding DJ ?

 How do you recognize a competent wedding DJ ?


Jour Précieux guides you to find the ideal service provider.


It is first of all a DJ who will know how to satisfy both the bride and groom, and a maximum of guests, because of his musical choices and the originality of his mix.

He is also a Disc-jockey who uses several sequence techniques: tempo, cut, effects, fade…
This is to cut out long intros so your guests never stop dancing. Indeed, the first notes heard immediately remind them of a hit they like, without them asking questions. As a result, they remain on the dance floor as during this high-end wedding.

A good wedding dj mixes different styles, unlike several years ago, where series of a single genre were at least 5 songs long.

The same goes for the eras, like a great musical journey with multiple round trips between the years, in order to ensure the animation and make your guests dance until dawn.

The good DJ is the one who will surprise you with his multi-cultural generalist playlist!

Your wedding DJ should not go directly from background music to dance music, but raise the temperature as soon as the cheese is served thanks to its “Warm’up”:
It is often composed of French songs to sing, electro cool and more rhythmic etc…
But beware, standing does not mean animation at the microphone! The camping style is not the kind of DJ of Jour Précieux!


A pro & discreet DJ


The DJ must be dressed appropriately for the occasion: the costume is required!

A high-end DJ is a discreet disc jockey: He does not speak on the microphone, does not make animations or games.
(If there are any, the witnesses will be able to personalize them as best they can for the bride and groom)
Similarly, “redneck” and duck dance style music will naturally be banned from the repertoire… See our blacklist blog post.

The discretion of the DJ and his sobriety also imply that he does not go to the cocktail!

Your DJ must always be listening to you, while moderating the numerous requests for titles from your guests.
Indeed, they are not always all admissible or adapted at the time…

Finally, he must establish a personalized estimate in good and due form for this occasion to celebrate.
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You now have the keys to choosing your DJ, the maestro who will ensure the most beautiful evening of your life.

So Music DJ!!


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