When to book a DJ for your wedding ?

When and when should you book, book your DJ service provider for your wedding?
When does the high season start?

Take advantage of our tips for booking a wedding DJ :

It is not uncommon for bride and groom to book their wedding DJ provider more than a year in advance.
Indeed, the high season is in high demand among DJs!

Know that it starts in April and ends at the end of October.

Within this period of milder weather, the most popular dates are between mid-May and early July, and between late August and mid-September. (beginning and end of school vacation)

Save yourself the hassle and anticipate this important part by booking your wedding DJ as soon as possible!
Most technical service providers will ask you for a deposit of at least 20% to secure the date.
This is the price of tranquility for both parties: married and DJ.

With the health crisis and the traffic jams on dates, weddings on Fridays are an increasingly frequent alternative. They can also make it possible to make some savings, this day being less requested, it can be an open door to a light negotiation. (rooms, caterer, service providers)

We strongly recommend that you book your wedding DJ, as soon as your wedding date is fixed, or your room is reserved.
This is how you will save yourself the type of answers: “not available on this date”…

There are also brides and grooms who are “planted” by their DJs… Ask for an estimate that binds both parties, like the operation of Jour Précieux, your wedding DJ in Paris.

Many are the last minute requests in high season, but they are often unfortunately impossible to satisfy!


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