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What services are included in the wedding DJ package ?

Sound system: cocktail, dance floor and dining room, DJ, room decoration by lights, lights for the dance floor are included in the DJ Wedding formula.
Music from 4 p.m. to 5 a.m.

50 km A/R included from Paris.
Assembly / disassembly included.

All-inclusive formula at a very advantageous price for your wedding evening.

See the Wedding packages

What is the cost of your DJ services ?

DJ packs from €820 in low season, up to more than €3000 depending on DJ packages, options and mileage costs.

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What are the payment details for your DJ performance ?

Deposit transfer of 30% upon signature of the quote to reserve the date.

So you can plan and manage your budget.

The payment of the balance at the latest 10 days before the event by bank transfer.

how long before should I contact you ?

As soon as possible to book a DJ for a wedding in high season : this means from May to October inclusive, and December 31 !

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How big is your team ?

Jour Précieux does not work with a large number of DJs, but we have those who correspond to your evening in our small professional, reliable and serious network. Those who have already proven themselves with positive feedback. Discretion and responsiveness are honored.

What are your references for service locations ?

Here are some references of prestigious places where we have performed our DJ services :

Moulin XII
Le Ritz à Paris
Chateau de Méridon
Le petit Valot
Pavillon Dauphine
Renoma café galerie aux Champs Élysées
Relais de la Benerie
Manoir de Sens
Hauts de Pardaillants
Paillettes aux Champs Élysées
Restaurant La Baleine (Paris)
Château d’Amécourt
Manoir des chevaliers
L’empire aux Champs Élysées
Enclos Montplaisir
Hanoi ca phé (78)
Domaine du Plessis
VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel
Villa Mikuna (75009)
Château de Champlatreux
Pubs “Au Bureau” aux Champs-Elysees
Le relais de Neuville
Château de Dobert
Château du Plessis
Le Royal Montesson
L’orangerie du Moulin (77 Branles)
Golf de Marivaux
Château de Montgiron
Domaine de l’orangerie
Restaurant « Bon » (75016)
Les salons de la porte jaune
Studios Publicis (Aubervillers)
Café A (Paris)
L’InterContinental Paris
Château de Craon
Les piétons (75004)
Domaine de Séréville
Chateau de la Verrerie
La Catrache
Château de Dommerville
Logis de Martigné
Le Manoir d’Ango
Château de Bois-le-Roi
Club l’IPN (75005)
Le Pavillon Royal
Domaine de Vauluisant
Château de Réveillon
Salons Hoche (75008)
Et beaucoup d’autres lieux de prestige…

Can we give you a list of music ?

Of course, our interactive questionnaire provides a space for you to enter your “favorite” tracks in order to guide your DJ for your greatest pleasure. Playlists of Spotify or Deezer type examples are also welcome.

what happens in case of equipment failure ?

Our DJ equipment is highly reliable. However, we have backup equipment in our truck to replace essentials elements in the event of a breakdown. The goal is to make your evening last, without interruption.

Can our guests ask you for titles ?

Our job as a DJ also consists in moderating the requests of your guests, indeed they are not all admissible…
We will respect your choices expressed in the evening preparation form that will be given to you.

What are your electricity needs ?

Our installations are reduced in electrical power requirements thanks, among other things, to our battery-powered (wireless) LED projectors.

The consumption depends on the choice of the DJ package and any options chosen.
In most cases, domestic installations with conventional power outlets are sufficient.

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Your musical styles ?

We are Open Format Generalist DJs, the playlists are adapted to your needs and desires. (An interactive form will be given to you). Otherwise let the DJ do the feeling !

Large musical media library of all styles of music among : Variety, electro, disco, funk, rock, Latin, soul, 80s, lounge, bossa, jazz, cover, madison, oriental, pop, RnB, Dance 90′, but also: Hip Hop, Techno, afro, slows, Viennese waltzes, Piano bar, classical, ragga, reggae, salsa, tango, zouk, world, also dancehall, new wave, Rap, new jack, dub, country, metal, 70′, 60′, Rock & roll, current or old music….
Something to liven up your evening!

what is your experience ?

Guillaume has been mixing since the age of 13 (He is 43)
And 24 years as an event lighting designer in the Paris region, which allows him to offer you his lighting expertise for your DJ evening.

See Guillaume’s presentation


How far can you travel ?

Take advantage of our DJ services in Paris & Île-de-France, but we can of course travel throughout France & beyond ! Ask us for a free quote.

What is the cost of overtime ?

From 70 to 110 euros per additional hour to prolonging the fever atmosphere with our DJs ! (depending on packages and seasons)

Do you provide sound for churches or ceremonies ?

Indeed we can offer you the sound system for your church or your outdoor ceremony.
Speakers, microphones, playing of your music, an all-inclusive pack is offered to you.

See our DJ packages and options

What are your "plus" DJ services ?

I am not a “simple disc jockey” :

-We are at your service
-We advise you and guide you
-We reassure you
-We accompany you and help you in the organization
-We manage the timing and the interventions with the referents
-We are attentive, reactive and available
-We sublimate your evening and enhance your room
-We set the mood for your guests and make them dance
-We manage the musical requests of your guests

Music is only 40% of the work of a premium DJ in Paris !

How do you prepare for the wedding party ?

I can receive you over a drink or by video, in order to unfold a schedule of the day of your wedding and discuss your desires and needs.
An interactive form will be given to you, it includes several parts: the first on the bride and groom, then on the profile of your guests.
There is a section on the logistics of your evening, the schedules and the technical part of the room. Then the exciting subject: the music with your favorites, and more importantly your blacklist of style or artists…
There is also a table with checkboxes according to the different styles of music: not at all, a little, average or a lot. Examples of titles to listen to for each style are offered to you by clicking on the Spotify links.

This questionnaire and this table allow me to immediately identify the type of evening.

Following which I prepare a file on my computer, containing the best titles of each style that you have checked.
It is not a playlist established in order, but simply a “folder to pick” it allows me to be reactive during the ball.
This does not prevent me from having a minimum of creativity and spontaneity essential to the success of your wedding evening.

It is also important that you designate a referent for the DJ and the other service providers: Caterer, Photographer… He will be responsible in particular for bringing together all the requests and needs of the witnesses, friends and family in terms of organization, music, equipment and timing.
A schedule of interventions will be completed with him and we will stay in touch until D-Day.

On your side, I will accompany you with several supports:

-A sheet of advice and help to the newlyweds for the organization.

-A guide for witnesses and referents.

-Links to music proposals that have already proven themselves for key moments: Toss of the bouquet, the opening of the ball, the wedding cake/dessert and the opening of the ball.

How long does it take to install the equipment ?

Assembly / disassembly times vary according to the DJ packages and any options chosen :

-Essential : Assembly 1H / disassembly 30 Min.
-Party : Assembly 2H / disassembly 50 Min.
-Wedding : Assembly 4H / dismantling 1H45.
-Prestige : Assembly 8H / dismantling 3H. In this case, we recommend the “assembly the day before” option.

Average data for information only, not contractual.

Do you animate with the microphone ?

Jour Précieux’s DJ performances are provided by top-of-the-range DJs with a discreet nature.
We do not games at the microphone and speaking is kept to a minimum. Indeed, we focus on the music.
This does not prevent your DJ from making announcements at your request if necessary.
In case of surprises or games prepared by your loved ones, we let them take care of the animation at the microphone, this is more personal and adapted for you.

At what time does your DJ performance end ?

Each DJ packages clearly defines the end time of music, knowing that overtime may be possible.
The wedding and presige packages end at 5 am.

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