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Personalize your event with our photobooth area. This service includes :

-Choice and personalization of a background frame with your first names and date.

-Choice and personalization of a welcome screen.

-Installation with decorative elements, carpet, posts and studio lighting.

-Set-up and print test Provision of accessories: wooden frame, hats, goggles, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.

-Canon 5D camera


-800 HD prints in 15 x 5 (strip of 3 photos) or 400 prints in 10 x 15

-Unlimited digital photos

-Physical assistance in the event of paper jams.

-Dismantling and recovery

-Sending of digital format photos to the customer by e-mail.

Borne photo Jour Précieux DJ


More information HERE:
Capture the most beautiful moments of your party with our photobooth !


Ambient room projectors (LED)

8, 16 or 24 Battery LED SPOTLIGHTS – on the floor, wall lighting for decoration.

Colours of your choice, or possibility of color changes for the opening of the ball and according to the musical themes.
Their batteries allow them to adapt to any room, especially castles, tents and marquees.

No wires in the legs, and clean, quick and efficient installation!

+ 1 professional DMX light CONSOLE. (Computerized control desk)

Option déco LED

Exterior facade lighting

6 outdoor LED PROJECTORS (choice of colors)
Highlight the buildings facades or trees in the colors of your theme.

Exlairage d'ambiance extérieur mariage 

Additional speakers

1 or 2 pairs of additional speakers, as a booster for large rooms for audio comfort, especially during speeches, thanks to better sound distribution. Count at least one pair of speakers /100 people.

Enceinte DJ mariage

Additional wireless microphone

1 additional WIRELESS MIC, for more speakers, and comfort during your speeches and surprises. No wires in the legs !

1 HF SHURE SM 58 + 1 MICRO STAND to keep your hands free and hold your notes.

Micro DJ mariage

Video projection

For playing of your media (photo slideshow, films video, PowerPoint, etc.)
Installation, cabling and testing, all you have to do is plug in your computer !

1 VIDEOPROJECTOR 5000 lumens with wide-angle
1 Video CABLE 50 meters
1 SOUND CABLE 20 meters
1 POWERPOINT IR REMOTE CONTROL (wireless) for scrolling through your slides.

Vidéo projecteur DJ mariage

Cocktail musicians

Give an extra chic look to your cocktail with a little
group of live musicians.

All possible directory styles :
Gypsy jazz, Django, modern, French or international varieties…
All formations possible: Duo, trio, quartet, quintet or +, with or
without voice.
Guitars, basses, pianists, trumpets, clarinets, violins, drummers,

Saxophonists are in high demand and also rarer.

Groupe de musicien mariage Paris

Spark Fountains

Enhance your prom opening, wedding entrance or wedding reception arrival with 2 or 4 sparkler fountains (2m for 20 seconds)

These fireworks are intended for indoor use. Minimum ceiling height 2.7 meters. Subject to room approval.

Fontaines à étincelles

Outdoor cocktail sound system

1 stand-alone (battery-powered) speaker.
+ 1 wireless microphone for your speeches. No wires in the legs!
Playing the playlist on USB established according to your desires.  Discour exterieur

Low smoke

Open the ball on a cloud due to low smoke.
Wouhou effect guaranteed, magical !

This magical, thick and white smoke stays on the ground in many conditions.
Can be combined with spark fountains and lighting
by your lighting engineer.

1 real heavy low machine per dry ice.
5 Kg of professional dry ice transported from Paris at -80 ºC

LED moving heads

8 MOVING LIGHT LED – “Automatic” type projectors for dynamic movement effects,
color changes, projected patterns & stroboscope. Decoration and effects live as on TV.

4 x WASH 19 x 15 W RGBW ZOOM 8-55 degrees
4 x SPOT 90 W (5 Gobo, 7 Colors, prism, Focus, Pan tilt, 90 watt LED)

Lyres LED Automatiques spot

Light mood control

Control lights of the packages and options live by the lighting engineer :

Changes colors, decorations and light atmospheres in rhythm and according to the different musical themes :
Entrance of the newlyweds, opening of the ball, speeches, videos, ball…
This is the big plus point that will make your evening stand out !

1 professional DMX lighting console Ma Lighting Grand Ma II
Console lumière pour soirée DJ

Variation for Chandeliers & Marquee Lights *

5 ​​x 230 V DMX DIMMERS For dimming your chandeliers* / Garlands / ompatible lights marquee* already powered.

Allows you to dimming the general light atmosphere that is often too bright, make it flash when the bride and groom enter
and speech intro jingles, but also dim the lights during video projections.

Can also be used to dim the AMBIENT SPOTLIGHTS option if you don’t have chandeliers.

Lustres chapiteaux


KARAOKE (30,000 international & french titles)
Projected on a 230 x 230 cm screen, or on a white wall. (Video option included)
2 wireless microphones (Microphone options included)
1 special microphone console
1 PC dedicated to Karaoke
Resumption of the sound on the sound system of your DJ package.
Internet connection is required. (wifi or ethernet)
Karaoke management. (no animation on the microphone by the DJ)

Karaoké DJ live 

DJ alone

Your discreet open format DJ
with its Pioneer XDJ-XZ controller, its PC with its music library adapted to your event. (repertoire of 30,000 multicultural generalist titles)

Without sound equipment, for rooms already equipped.

platines DJ mariage

Additional subwoofer

1 additional SUBWOOFER (SUB), for large rooms or from 100 people,

For audio quality, due to improved bass distribution.
Completes the additional speaker option – HK AUDIO PR:O 18P Active 600 W RMS.

Caisson de basses DJ

Assembly the day before

You want to reassure yourself or bring your creative touch to the luminous rendering ?

Installation the day before by Jour Précieux allows you to precisely define your different atmospheres in accordance with your evening theme.
Sound tests and light settings in conditions (at nightfall).

Surprise your guests with unforgettable lighting !

Bubble machine

Delight the children, enhance your event with thousands of bubbles.
These soap bubbles will make young and old alike smile
through a friendly attraction and festive atmosphere.

Includes bubble liquid, installation and operation


Accessories / Gadgets

Get the party going again around 2 am ! No dead time,
these artifices will delight.

-36 Hawaiian Necklaces
-16 Big disco glasses
-24 Fluorescent Hats
-24 inflatable musical instruments: guitars, sax, microphones
-12 shiny wigs
-100 Phosphorescent bracelets + fasteners.

Inflation, packaging, storage, and provision of gadgets
during the ball to revitalize the evening.

Other options

-Magician and close up
-Best of video
-Video by drone
– Buffet lighting
-Fancy dress & gadgets
– Confetti and party gifts
-Fire eaters and jugglers
-Wedding Planner
– Juggling bartender…

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Jour Précieux works with its network of serious and reliable professionals, who have already proven themselves.

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